West Hills, California



Tammy Dekel Voice Coach / Producer / Songwriter

Tammy Dekel was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1968. She started singing at 2 and a half years old and never stopped! As a child, Tammy was classically trained in Opera and also studied Pop, Rock, R & B and Broadway at the Vocal Power Academy. Always writing stories and poetry as a young child, Tammy began writing lyrics and music by 14 years old. She started recording demos at 18 and producing, arranging and recording her own music at 19 years of age.

In 1992 Tammy became a studio singer and in 1993 she joined a band. In 1996 Tammy released a CD with original songs. She released her second CD in 2003 and is currently working on her third. 

Tammy started teaching singing in 1995. At the start of her career she taught singing classes at the Learning Tree and Learning Annex and also taught private lessons. 

Over the years, Tammy has continued to produce demos and original CDs of her students, showcasing their voices and songwriting abilities. She is present in the studio with her students during recording sessions to optimize the production of their vocals and to enhance the enjoyment of the entire process. This also helps to put them at ease in what can be an intimidating environment. Tammy also showcased and produced many recitals for her students over the years.

Tammy feels the most rewarding and fulfilling part of her career is taking artists with their own unique talents and vision, supporting them and helping them to achieve their own goals and dreams! Tammy knows she is blessed to have found her calling in life and discovered that her greatest gift is the passion to inspire others!