West Hills, California


My daughter, Savannah, has been going to Tammy every week since August 2007. Our original intention was a couple months of lessons, but Tammy's work with Savannah has been so beneficial on so many levels in so many areas of her life, that I wish every member of the family could go. Tammy is a wonderful combination of talent, competence, sensitivity, nurturing, keen observation, intelligence, honesty and generosity of spirit ... everything you could want in a voice coach ... or any coach for that matter. 

Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D.

I started taking lessons with Tammy because I really liked singing in my car, but I knew I wasn't doing it correctly. I thought that it would be fun to take a few lessons, and maybe be able to sing a few popular songs a little better. Tammy was so wonderful and so great at teaching that before I knew it I had conquered those songs and she was encouraging me to go after much bigger challenges. I never dreamed that I would be able to sing the way I do now! Thanks Tammy! 

Jessie Rushing

I have always loved singing, but Tammy Dekel has just made me love to sing even more than I thought I could! She has taught me things that have made me a better singer, and continues to do so. I knew I had it in me to be a great singer, but Tammy really pushes me every lesson to do more, to be better for myself, not just when others are listening. I believe she is an angel sent from God because I asked for an amazing singing coach, and I got one! Every lesson we have, we always end up having fun! Not only is she my singing coach, but I think of her as even a friend now. Tammy is an incredible woman with a big heart, and of course, a beautiful voice. Anyone would be lucky to be her student.. I know I am! 

Christine Popaj

Both of my daughters have been taking vocal lessons from Tammy for a few years. Not only has she stretched their vocal range and improved their singing and performance skills, but she has also given them more self confidence. She teaches with just the perfect amount of structure, discipline, warmth and praise. We have been so happy with Tammy's style and the results, that we have referred all of our friends! 

Stacy Kaiser


"My daughters' (ages 13 & 10) have taken vocal lessons from Tammy for the past 4 years and they have been priceless! Not only has her coaching greatly improved their vocals and range, she gives performance tips to use in their musical theater productions, and the confidence to be the best they can be. I am positive her training has helped them get better parts in their plays and even helps them with oral speaking in school. Tammy is warm and encouraging, I feel so lucky that we found her." 

Melissa Burnstine

My lessons with Tammy throughout high school were often the highlight of my week. She not only knows about the techniques of singing, but she also conveys and communicates them very well. I had always loved to sing, but in learning from Tammy I learned my full potential. At the same time as I was reaching new levels of singing I was also having fun while doing it! Nearly everyone loves music, but Tammy taught me to see a whole new beauty in it. In taking lessons from her I gained not only skill and knowledge in singing, but also confidence and a great friend! 

Becky Gustavson

Tammy, thank you for being such an integral part in building my nieces music abilities. You are an amazing vocal and artistry coach. Her vocal chords, tonality, rhythm, and body movements are evolving every day! Because of you, she has had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the Clippers at the Staples Center. She did so well that she is being invited back to sing it again!

Thank you, and keep up the great work! 

Dila Smith

I look forward to working with Tammy every week. She is always encouraging and makes me feel comfortable. Her gift for teaching 

has helped me to reach goals and I've seen my talent improve in a short time. She has given me the confidence and skills to perform on stage and prepare for auditions. I know that she really cares and wants to help me succeed. 

Alexa Wasserman- 12 years old

Tammy Dekel has been my Voice Coach for the past year and I always have been amazed by her passion for teaching! It goes such 

a long way in a student's development when the teacher matches his or her hard work stride for stride! Tammy has opened doors for me as a singer, both mentally and technique wise. Furthermore, in the studio, she knows my voice better than I do and has guided me through recording sessions, making sure only the best comes through! She has always been warm and approachable, but never lets me get lazy, while still looking out for my "vocal safety". With Tammy it's easy - Just do what she says and you'll be singing things you never dreamed you could! 

Ariel Belkin

My son has been working with Tammy for the past year to improve his speaking voice. We had seen speech therapists in previous years to correct minor mispronunciations but were not satisfied with the overall flow and clarity of his speech. Tammy has been able to help my son improve the overall quality of his speech with better pronunciation, tone, and power to his voice. He speaks with greater clarity and more confidence. Tammy is patient and very encouraging and has applied her expertise in vocal training to helping my son improve his speaking voice. I am extremely fortunate to have found such a wonderful coach and teacher and thank Tammy for helping my son with an important life skill.

Michele Handelsman

I started taking singing lessons from Tammy when I was 14 years old, and now I am 21 and we are closer than ever. At the time I was very shy and insecure about my singing voice, but Tammy always made me feel so special and motivated me to improve. Every lesson that I have had with her has been a blessing, and I am so thankful that we have become so close over the years. She has given me self confidence in not only my voice, but also who I am as a young adult. Her passion for teaching people how to sing comes through in every lesson, and she never let's me give up on myself. I hope that many other people have been lucky enough to have gotten singing lessons from Tammy, because it is truly an amazing experience.

Natalie Bermudez

My daughter, Victoria, has been taking lessons from Tammy for the past couple of years. I've noticed a maturity and confidence in her that has carried through to school and outside activities. Her voice has become so strong and beautiful. She has always loved to sing and has that natural talent inside of her. Tammy knew just how to help her train her voice and to see her potential. Shes a terrific teacher and really cares about each and every one of her students. Thank you Tammy!!!! 

MelvaLynn Prugo

I've learned a lot working with Tammy in the studio. Many people don't realize that the vocal production in a mix is equally or even more important than the background instrumental. This is where Tammy shines and plays a crucial role in accomplishing the final product. She encompasses technique, style and expression to make the lyrics of any song come to life through any vocalist she works with.

JJ de Leon - Audio Engineer/Producer