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Singing Lessons

First lesson ~ learn techniques you

 can immediately apply!

Learn to support your voice ~ avoid straining! 

Protect your vocal cords ~ learn where to sing from to support your voice!

Expand your range ~ learn techniques to 

sing higher / lower!

Project your voice ~ increase power 

and resonance! 

Refine your pitch ~ learn to listen and 

recreate what you hear

in order to sing more in tune!

Learn three placements of your voice ~ 

Chest, Mask, Falsetto / Head Voice!

Sing all styles desired ~ Pop, R&B, 

Rock, Broadway and Opera!

Learn how to harmonize ~ learn to hear

and find harmony!

Find the passion in every note ~ 

stay connected to your emotions! 

Perform naturally like a pro ~ open up

 and sing with freedom!

Recording & Beginning PIANO

Record a ready-for-radio quality demo!

Arrange & record music for original 

compositions and cover songs!

Record vocals over Karaoke tracks!

Get comfortable singing and 

working in a studio setting!

Become familiar with the mixing process!

Learn to perform your best 

in a studio setting!

Work with professional engineer/musician!

Become familiar with music software 

and the endless capabilities!

Record song(s) for Video Montage for Special Occasions!

*Beginning Piano lessons offered 

separately or combined with 

Singing Lesson.


Speak with confidence!

Speak without straining your voice!

Project your speaking voice!

Make speeches more intriguing! 

Make presentations more compelling!

Give seminars with more vigor!

Take a soft voice and make it stronger! 

Take a high voice and make it deeper 

and vice versa!

Become more animated, get into character 

and increase conviction for Voice Over auditions/demos! 

Increase projection and refine accenting 

for Voice Overs using vocal techniques! 

Work on scripts!

Prepare monologues!




*MP3 Compatable!

*Key changer to transpose music!

*Mixer for vocals and music!

*Studio monitors!

*Keyboard for vocal warm up and 

*Beginning Piano!

Cultural Preparation

Preparation Cultural/Religious

Record song(s) for Video Montage!

Preparation for special performances 

during receptions!

Confirmation performance preparation!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training!

Quinceanera performance preparation!

Debut performance preparation!


*Tammy Dekel is not a certified speech therapist, but she has helped students with lisps, stuttering and lazy tongue conditions with much success! She applies the techniques she uses with her singing students and it has helped to conquer these challenges, time and time again!

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